Wednesday, November 18

when will it end!

still offline :( who knows til when but it's just getting better and better in this household! My son may have whooping cough so yesterday I had to run him around for testings in 45degree heat! OMG what  a shocker heatwave we are having up here....CRAZY!

Hope to get a camera soon to take pics of my cards

Sunday, November 15

What a disaster!

Well in true form something has seriously delayed my blogging attempts :( ....our house got flooded, the kitchen was ankle deep in water and what a mess to clean up in darkness as the power had gone too!

I have been slowly crafting to keep me insane....we lost our computer, modem, printer, oven & stove top so it's been really really tough here! Thankfully hubby's work mate gave us a laptop but as for the rest well the insurance company is taking it's sweet time just to make things worse - I'd be lucky to have them replaced by xmas :( there goes my baking for this year, including my daughters birthday cake :( I now have to travel 1.5hrs to use my mums oven and bake all the stuff i need for her party and freeze it - guess the bonus is I get to see the puppies again and they now have their eyes open!!Oh and we lost our digital camera as well :(

anyways must be off.....

Tuesday, November 3

the Race that STOPS a Nation......

Hope everyone is having a good day on this gorgeous Melbourne Cup day.....Hubby got 2nd place with his pickings!

Well FINALLY the puppies were born very VERY quickly last night. In 2.5hrs she'd had 7 pups....YES 7! 6 boys and 1 girl would you believe...she was a gem throughout her labour and happily let me help her (she kept laying on them!) boy oh boy did they come out fast - the poor dog. Sadly 1 was born deformed so he had to be put to sleep....and I most certainly cried my heart out....the vet wasn't sure he would be able to walk and he had swelling of the brain and his hips weren't formed properly - my oh my did I sob at the vets and the whole way home whilst sitting in the back with mums dog and puppies. I so dearly wanted to save that little boy - he was adorable.....shall post some pics when I'm back home. I tell you what, I'm absolutely exhausted beyond belief right now...thank heavens the monsters are at their other nan's house today as she wanted them for a sleep over and also to give me a break.....

Can't wait to head home at the end of this week and hopefully HOPEFULLY my copics will have arrived by then!!! YAY! Now I just need to make some more blogging friends to help me with techniques etc lol....

anywho have a great day all