Sunday, November 15

What a disaster!

Well in true form something has seriously delayed my blogging attempts :( ....our house got flooded, the kitchen was ankle deep in water and what a mess to clean up in darkness as the power had gone too!

I have been slowly crafting to keep me insane....we lost our computer, modem, printer, oven & stove top so it's been really really tough here! Thankfully hubby's work mate gave us a laptop but as for the rest well the insurance company is taking it's sweet time just to make things worse - I'd be lucky to have them replaced by xmas :( there goes my baking for this year, including my daughters birthday cake :( I now have to travel 1.5hrs to use my mums oven and bake all the stuff i need for her party and freeze it - guess the bonus is I get to see the puppies again and they now have their eyes open!!Oh and we lost our digital camera as well :(

anyways must be off.....

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