Saturday, October 31

New Family Member.....Meet Alice...

We just went and bought her this morning.....she is quite cute and has even let me pat her which is awesome seeing as she's not been tamed so much.

That black sheep in the bottom corner is Jasper and they've already made  friends with each other - it's really cute to see. She ran up to him bellowing out and they touched noses - almost kissing like. She could be already pregnant but we wont know til she gets really fat in the next few months but we are going to mate her soon anyways just incase. Hubby thinks I'm a twilight nut seeing as I've named our 2 sheep Jasper  & Alice :)

I Haven't made anything else and probably wont this week either as I'm heading to my parents to see puppies being born hopefully she waits til I get there! 

Have a great weekend all....


Friday, October 30

No idea why it didn't add all the photos I uploaded!

not too bad

Ok, I thought for something totally different I'd cut a small circle out on the front of the card and attach it inside the card with a ladybug for something 'differen't......not sure if it shows up in the pictures how good it turned out. I'm quite happy with it....not so happy with the colouring of the butterfly though as I'm really not sure what happened but I got streaks :(


FINALLY I've purchased some copic ciao markers!!!! I'm sooooo excited. Now I just have to wait patiently for them to arrive! I know they will arrive next week while I'm away at my parents (hopefully) watching puppies being born. I can't wait for them to arrive - not that I'm allowed one...hubby won't let me, plus we have a big dog who is still a puppy anyways.  I decided to choose my 18 colours instead of opting for a set A B C or D....that way I get what I know I will use. Now to win lotto and then buy every stamp imaginable hehehe.

will post a pic later of the card I made for my Princess's 4th Birthday that is coming up.


Thursday, October 29

recent cakes I've made

just quickly here are 2 pics of cakes I made in August. The captain feathersword cake was for my son's 2nd birthday....

And here is a belly cake I made for a  friends babyshower...

I'm back....

Well after giving up on my last blogging attempt I'm back and will try (hehe) to update on a regular basis!

I came across some fantastic sites today whilst blog hopping and it's inspired me to get back into the kitchen and bake. The only problem is I don't want to eat them all hehe.....I guess my goats would eat them (yes I have goats)!!

My wish list is never ending :) currently high on the wish list is some copic markers to help me colour in images for my card making....

Anywho I hear a munchkin stirring so best be off!