Friday, January 29

Another Graduation Card

I don't think I like this one as much as the other one but still, it's different!

Thursday, January 21

Graduation time....

Well it's that time already and I made a Graduation card for hubby's squad friend. I think she will really love this card.

I'm really happy with how it's turned out too!

Haven't quite mastered the art of colouring large images! Lol.

Have a great day all


Friday, January 15

Many Thanks.....

I just finished this card for a family friend. I quite like how it has turned out - it's different.

How crazy has this year already been! our air con has now decided to go on strike.....not good in 35degree dry yucky hot weather :(

Have a great weekend all....


Sunday, January 10


I managed to take a photo of a card I've made lol.....still using our borrowed camera til our new one comes...grrrr. Anyways my girlfriend asked me to make some cards out of any scrap materials I have lying around  (I only have a box full because I don't like to part with any scraps hehehe) and she said keep it simple and cheap as it's for her work collegues when they have cheap I mean $2 but I think I will tell her $2.50 for ones with stamps on them. So I've only made it a small card but here it is.....for once I'm happy with a card I made lol.....

Not the greatest pic but still it's a start right? lol.

Have a great day


Wednesday, January 6


Happy New Year all!!!!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year......My boy has fully recovered from his grandparents aren't faring so well though :( ...I'm getting there with my new found anxiety/stress disorder. Taking each day as it comes. My daily motto for today is (I'm finding one each day to help me get thru the days) LIFE ISN'T AS BAD AS MY MIND MAKES IT OUT TO BE.....quite a good quote I thought!

I still don't have a replacement camera and am lacking mojo lately, I just can't get the energy to do anything!!! Each night hubby and I just sit and watch Gary Unmarried (boy is that my new fav show lol)!!!! I'm exhausted come 5pm and even when I go to bed early sleep does not always come easily :( doesn't help that my daughter has again started with bad nightmares :(

anywho my new years resolutions (if you can call them that lol) is to...

lose 5kgs
do a cake course
start attending a regular scrapbooking class
get more blog followers lmao!
become better at my colouring techniques....

have a great day all