Monday, December 21

I have an oven!

YAY for me! So exciting, it's so shiney and pretty and CLEAN! I'm loving loving it.....still waiting on a  camera :( hopefully the wait won't be too long.

My boy is recovering well from his operation. Thursday was our worst day....absolutely horrible! I couldn't put him down....and he cried all day :( was so hard that day...especially to keep his sister occupied all day!

On another note, has anyone suffered anxiety/panick attacks? OMG I had my 1st one friday night, out of the blue, couldn't sleep when I went to bed and wow it was horrible.....then all saturday I was off colour, kept dreading another one, cried off and on all day too which surprisingly helped :) we had to go to an xmas party saturday night where my wonderful friends calmed me down and sat with me for ages trying to work out the problem that was setting me off.....we figuired it out! My son, I must have been holding it all together for so long that it just came gushing out, i felt horrible about his operation, his pain, everything! Then yesterday I was ok, til lunch time, cried again, felt better (lol) last night went to bed early and sobbed to hubby and have woken up fine today (touch wood). I think I just needed one heck of a cry (or 4) - sometimes being a parent is such hard work and we don't let ourselves take a much needed break - my new years resolution is more ME time :) Am going to book into card making or scrapbooking classes once a week or fortnight.

Thanks for reading my sook story
hope you all have a fantastic day....


PS 4 sleeps til Christmas ! WOOHOOO my kids are SOOOOOO excited :)

Thursday, December 17

one of those days...

I know I'm having a sook but I'm just having one of those days! Must be lack of sleep. My boy had his operation monday, I got no sleep monday night in hospital. His op went super and he was recovering really well...eating cookies and sausages on day 2!!! They warned me about the bad days to expect, days 3 and 4..... :( we are currently on day 3 and it's horrible. Crying non stop and I'm just plain exhausted. I can't put him down at all.

Am just feeling a little down and I have no motivation for anything crafty.....just wish I was as good as the rest of the girls I follow....practice makes perfect I'm sure but is me huh?


Thursday, December 10

Colouring techniques

I am having troubles with my colouring....I try so hard lol but it never looks like the ones I see coloured on the blogs. I've tried looking up U Tube but don't seem to find anything overly helpful on there.

Anyone else got some good suggestions?


PS may finally get my new oven in on the weekend....AND our air con broke after yesterdays 41 degree heats :( AND I am positive we have some kind of spirit in our house (no I'm not crazy!) and I did a little test last night...yep something isn't right here....SO I called a lady who is going to do a house extract (from her house) and we'll see how that goes! (am grateful she is free)

Wednesday, December 9

Stamps and Smiles

Although I can't post my cards at the moment, I'm still blog hopping like mad for inspiration and tips :)

Stamps and smiles are having sneak peaks at their new release sets all this week, pop on over as they are just amazing stamps!!!!

Have a great day


Monday, December 7

bundle of nerves

Am off to the specialist today to see if my boy needs his tonsils out. Am so nervous about it all.

More insurance dramas - seriously they are USELESS!! One can only hope to have an oven by xmas. I've been getting so stressed over it all and having major headaches lately....I'm blaming them!

Just a quick one today....still no camera! grrrrr.....


Friday, December 4

Insurance Companies are a NIGHTMARE!!!

ARGH! They are just a pain in the you know what! I'm STILL without an oven! They just don't seem to give a rats about it which is so disappointing considering you pay all this $$ for insurance, you want it fixed asap!

We had our daughter's birthday party last weekend where  hubby took his mobile phone swimming for 20mins before he realised it was in his pocket! Thankfully after a week of drying out it works (to a degree lol) and then yesterday I did all the mowing of the house land and my daughter says 'come look at this mum, you back window is all sparkly and funny'.....OMG! A rock had flicked up off the ride on at some stage and smashed the back car window into 10,000 pieces! Seriously they say it comes in 3's and that had better have been 3! I can't deal with anymore!

I've made a couple more cards but still can't show them cause I don't have a camera :(

I did order some great things from 7 kids college fund and it arrived in 5 days from the USA! That really was speedy postage :)

Hope all is well in blogging worlds....hopefully when I get a bit more up and running I'll get a few more followers hehehe....


Wednesday, November 18

when will it end!

still offline :( who knows til when but it's just getting better and better in this household! My son may have whooping cough so yesterday I had to run him around for testings in 45degree heat! OMG what  a shocker heatwave we are having up here....CRAZY!

Hope to get a camera soon to take pics of my cards

Sunday, November 15

What a disaster!

Well in true form something has seriously delayed my blogging attempts :( ....our house got flooded, the kitchen was ankle deep in water and what a mess to clean up in darkness as the power had gone too!

I have been slowly crafting to keep me insane....we lost our computer, modem, printer, oven & stove top so it's been really really tough here! Thankfully hubby's work mate gave us a laptop but as for the rest well the insurance company is taking it's sweet time just to make things worse - I'd be lucky to have them replaced by xmas :( there goes my baking for this year, including my daughters birthday cake :( I now have to travel 1.5hrs to use my mums oven and bake all the stuff i need for her party and freeze it - guess the bonus is I get to see the puppies again and they now have their eyes open!!Oh and we lost our digital camera as well :(

anyways must be off.....

Tuesday, November 3

the Race that STOPS a Nation......

Hope everyone is having a good day on this gorgeous Melbourne Cup day.....Hubby got 2nd place with his pickings!

Well FINALLY the puppies were born very VERY quickly last night. In 2.5hrs she'd had 7 pups....YES 7! 6 boys and 1 girl would you believe...she was a gem throughout her labour and happily let me help her (she kept laying on them!) boy oh boy did they come out fast - the poor dog. Sadly 1 was born deformed so he had to be put to sleep....and I most certainly cried my heart out....the vet wasn't sure he would be able to walk and he had swelling of the brain and his hips weren't formed properly - my oh my did I sob at the vets and the whole way home whilst sitting in the back with mums dog and puppies. I so dearly wanted to save that little boy - he was adorable.....shall post some pics when I'm back home. I tell you what, I'm absolutely exhausted beyond belief right now...thank heavens the monsters are at their other nan's house today as she wanted them for a sleep over and also to give me a break.....

Can't wait to head home at the end of this week and hopefully HOPEFULLY my copics will have arrived by then!!! YAY! Now I just need to make some more blogging friends to help me with techniques etc lol....

anywho have a great day all


Saturday, October 31

New Family Member.....Meet Alice...

We just went and bought her this morning.....she is quite cute and has even let me pat her which is awesome seeing as she's not been tamed so much.

That black sheep in the bottom corner is Jasper and they've already made  friends with each other - it's really cute to see. She ran up to him bellowing out and they touched noses - almost kissing like. She could be already pregnant but we wont know til she gets really fat in the next few months but we are going to mate her soon anyways just incase. Hubby thinks I'm a twilight nut seeing as I've named our 2 sheep Jasper  & Alice :)

I Haven't made anything else and probably wont this week either as I'm heading to my parents to see puppies being born hopefully she waits til I get there! 

Have a great weekend all....


Friday, October 30

No idea why it didn't add all the photos I uploaded!

not too bad

Ok, I thought for something totally different I'd cut a small circle out on the front of the card and attach it inside the card with a ladybug for something 'differen't......not sure if it shows up in the pictures how good it turned out. I'm quite happy with it....not so happy with the colouring of the butterfly though as I'm really not sure what happened but I got streaks :(


FINALLY I've purchased some copic ciao markers!!!! I'm sooooo excited. Now I just have to wait patiently for them to arrive! I know they will arrive next week while I'm away at my parents (hopefully) watching puppies being born. I can't wait for them to arrive - not that I'm allowed one...hubby won't let me, plus we have a big dog who is still a puppy anyways.  I decided to choose my 18 colours instead of opting for a set A B C or D....that way I get what I know I will use. Now to win lotto and then buy every stamp imaginable hehehe.

will post a pic later of the card I made for my Princess's 4th Birthday that is coming up.


Thursday, October 29

recent cakes I've made

just quickly here are 2 pics of cakes I made in August. The captain feathersword cake was for my son's 2nd birthday....

And here is a belly cake I made for a  friends babyshower...

I'm back....

Well after giving up on my last blogging attempt I'm back and will try (hehe) to update on a regular basis!

I came across some fantastic sites today whilst blog hopping and it's inspired me to get back into the kitchen and bake. The only problem is I don't want to eat them all hehe.....I guess my goats would eat them (yes I have goats)!!

My wish list is never ending :) currently high on the wish list is some copic markers to help me colour in images for my card making....

Anywho I hear a munchkin stirring so best be off!