Wednesday, January 6


Happy New Year all!!!!!

Hope everyone has had a great start to the new year......My boy has fully recovered from his grandparents aren't faring so well though :( ...I'm getting there with my new found anxiety/stress disorder. Taking each day as it comes. My daily motto for today is (I'm finding one each day to help me get thru the days) LIFE ISN'T AS BAD AS MY MIND MAKES IT OUT TO BE.....quite a good quote I thought!

I still don't have a replacement camera and am lacking mojo lately, I just can't get the energy to do anything!!! Each night hubby and I just sit and watch Gary Unmarried (boy is that my new fav show lol)!!!! I'm exhausted come 5pm and even when I go to bed early sleep does not always come easily :( doesn't help that my daughter has again started with bad nightmares :(

anywho my new years resolutions (if you can call them that lol) is to...

lose 5kgs
do a cake course
start attending a regular scrapbooking class
get more blog followers lmao!
become better at my colouring techniques....

have a great day all


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Tracey Feeger said...

Hmm have you got an anxiety disorder....???? Sounds like PND to me - maybe a mixture of both - as just before I got diagnosed I was having really bad panic/anxiety attacks. Anywho.

Great New years resolutions. I definately want to lose some weight too.

I am sure your mojo will come back. When you are feeling stressed it sort of disappears. LOL. If you want more followers than I would suggest entering some of the challenges. That way people come to visit and if they like what they see then you get the followers. IYKWIM.