Thursday, October 14

Gosh where is the time going??

Hi All,

Well haven't I been MIA lately! So much going on here though. I'm exhausted and run down and changing medications so it's been really full  on for quite some time. I've finally started making cards again, will post them tomorrow. I do still have some Greeting farms stamps left (not many though) and I'd be prepared to take $6 for each stamp which includes postage....I just need them gone! It's as low as I can go and honestly I'm not making much out of selling them this cheap - maybe only 50cents!!!!

Well I still don't know if we are moving or not and to be honest I want to move, some of our stuff is already packed up to make the house 'roomy' but I'd just like to know what I'll be doing next year and where!!!!!!!!!!

My kids have had scarlet fever and let me tell you it's been a rough few months but finally things are slowing picking up!

catch you all soon

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