Sunday, January 23


I know I haven't posted since october but gosh it's already January!!!

Happy new year to all! Ok, what have I been doing......waiting to hear where we are being posted and we got the call xmas eve to say we are moving 16hours away!!!! Got the call friday to say when - they said 'you can move on monday' !!!! What THE!!!! Umm 3 days notice is just not enough so we are moving on the 30th! Still only a week away but atleast i can get stuff done in that time...... I'm excited yet sooo scared! We are in a mad rush to finish off our massive deck overlooking's gorgeous and i will miss it terribly. It's over 60sqmtrs of deck!..... :(

I've broken my finger, my big girl has graduated from pre school and i'm all out of sorts! My card making has been left to the way side for now.... as we could be living out of a hotel for up to 2months!!! Depends on if our house sells......oh well I'm thankfull to be alive.

We were lucky though, the flash flooding here is devastating.....I have friends who lost everything :(  Very very sad to be so close to the worst hit here in Australia.....

Anyways I best be off, so much to do!!!!

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