Saturday, October 31

New Family Member.....Meet Alice...

We just went and bought her this morning.....she is quite cute and has even let me pat her which is awesome seeing as she's not been tamed so much.

That black sheep in the bottom corner is Jasper and they've already made  friends with each other - it's really cute to see. She ran up to him bellowing out and they touched noses - almost kissing like. She could be already pregnant but we wont know til she gets really fat in the next few months but we are going to mate her soon anyways just incase. Hubby thinks I'm a twilight nut seeing as I've named our 2 sheep Jasper  & Alice :)

I Haven't made anything else and probably wont this week either as I'm heading to my parents to see puppies being born hopefully she waits til I get there! 

Have a great weekend all....


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