Friday, December 4

Insurance Companies are a NIGHTMARE!!!

ARGH! They are just a pain in the you know what! I'm STILL without an oven! They just don't seem to give a rats about it which is so disappointing considering you pay all this $$ for insurance, you want it fixed asap!

We had our daughter's birthday party last weekend where  hubby took his mobile phone swimming for 20mins before he realised it was in his pocket! Thankfully after a week of drying out it works (to a degree lol) and then yesterday I did all the mowing of the house land and my daughter says 'come look at this mum, you back window is all sparkly and funny'.....OMG! A rock had flicked up off the ride on at some stage and smashed the back car window into 10,000 pieces! Seriously they say it comes in 3's and that had better have been 3! I can't deal with anymore!

I've made a couple more cards but still can't show them cause I don't have a camera :(

I did order some great things from 7 kids college fund and it arrived in 5 days from the USA! That really was speedy postage :)

Hope all is well in blogging worlds....hopefully when I get a bit more up and running I'll get a few more followers hehehe....



Tracey Feeger said...

Oh babe I know how you feel. What will be the third thing...????

7 Kids is amazing. I buy all my copics from them now. So cheap and they have reasonable postage too.

Farm Girl said...

hey trace,

how are you? Been thinking of you tons this week..xxxx.

First thing was the flood, 2nd was hubby taking phone for swim lol, and i guess 3rd thing was the car window? if not there is plenty inbetween incidents from issue 1-3 lmao!.....I seriously hope our run of bad luck ends NOW!