Monday, December 21

I have an oven!

YAY for me! So exciting, it's so shiney and pretty and CLEAN! I'm loving loving it.....still waiting on a  camera :( hopefully the wait won't be too long.

My boy is recovering well from his operation. Thursday was our worst day....absolutely horrible! I couldn't put him down....and he cried all day :( was so hard that day...especially to keep his sister occupied all day!

On another note, has anyone suffered anxiety/panick attacks? OMG I had my 1st one friday night, out of the blue, couldn't sleep when I went to bed and wow it was horrible.....then all saturday I was off colour, kept dreading another one, cried off and on all day too which surprisingly helped :) we had to go to an xmas party saturday night where my wonderful friends calmed me down and sat with me for ages trying to work out the problem that was setting me off.....we figuired it out! My son, I must have been holding it all together for so long that it just came gushing out, i felt horrible about his operation, his pain, everything! Then yesterday I was ok, til lunch time, cried again, felt better (lol) last night went to bed early and sobbed to hubby and have woken up fine today (touch wood). I think I just needed one heck of a cry (or 4) - sometimes being a parent is such hard work and we don't let ourselves take a much needed break - my new years resolution is more ME time :) Am going to book into card making or scrapbooking classes once a week or fortnight.

Thanks for reading my sook story
hope you all have a fantastic day....


PS 4 sleeps til Christmas ! WOOHOOO my kids are SOOOOOO excited :)

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Tracey Feeger said...

Darling that is something I deal with everyday. It is nice and I just hate it. Big hugs to you. I know what you are going thru.

Woo hoo on the new oven. Can't wait to see a photo. LOL