Thursday, May 20


While ago I posted about how we got flooded and were waiting on a new camera from the insurance place....well 4mths later I got the phone call to say it had finally arrived. So i drove 1.4hrs to get it (luckily was staying at my parents near bys) and I go today to pick it up to find the stupid company has gone into receivership!!!! OMG I was sooooo annoyed! So back on the phone to insurance who are being rather kind this time round.....and the worst part....on our way out of the store the local news crew bombarded me with questions and so I ended up on the news! (hangs head in shame!) I'm soooo embarrassed lol....never mind, atleast they didn't show too much off me and only a few sentences thank goodness!

Am still out and about but will be back on track from monday :)

take care and have a good week

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Loopylou!! said...

oh kate, what a day hun, well at least you are famous now!!!! he he he!!! xxxxx