Tuesday, May 4


Well I'll humour you all.....we have a small acreage and hope to be moving next year to somewhere with lots more land., we have no idea where hubby will get posted but we find that exciting (and I'll admit, stressful!) but anyways we have a Ram, I got him from my BFF as his mum rejected him so at 2 days Old I had Jasper and was bottle feeding him. He started to think I was his mummy and I loved it! He even would chase the car out the drive way, jump at the door to be let in and chase the dogs, I actually had to stop babying him cause he thought he was a dog lol....now he was supposed to be whethered (ringed) but well something went wrong and he grew horns and knackers :)

We got him a girlfriend to mate with and I called her Alice (Twilight fan here lol) and he loves her, and I mean smitten with her kind of love. Then something happened the other week - I touched his horns, and now he hates me! So bad that we are going to eat him - sorry if that offends anyone, I always said I'd never eat my pets but well, when he ramed me, starting bucking trying to hurt me I knew I couldn't keep him. He's even now done it to my hubby! I'm so frightened he will hurt a child that I can't risk it.

Here is why he hurts!

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