Monday, June 21

OMG what is with my bad luck lately!

I'm having a crappy day! Yesterday was even worse! We got rid of the ram after it attacked me 3 times yesterday.....AND then our puppy took it apon himself to go 'play' with our sheep...which resulted in a not nice outcome....stitches for bill of $300!!!! So we were getting both our dogs desexed today and decided to put down the puppy who did this mess.....and the vet talked us out of it...he wont put the puppy down because he truely believes that seeing as the puppy has access to chickens it wasn't then an attack to kill but a playing game gone wrong on the puppies another $500+ for the dogs to get desexed which we accounted for but not the other vet bill. I had to give our sheep an injection and surprisingly I didn't pass out, I did soooo well......then comes time to dress her wound with hubby.....well this time didn't go so well.....many deep breaths and we got it done to have me come inside and half pass out! lol...I flopped on the couch with a washer on my face to prevent passing out hehehehe.....

I'm afraid I have NO MOJO! I'm super struggling to get my DT card done....I WILL HAVE it done though but nothing else today!

Hope my week improves lol....

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