Sunday, June 20


what a weekend! First off we raced off to my family's place as soon as hubby got home from work on Friday.....Then we were up early and off to the Disney on Ice Disneyland show on saturday morning! Gosh my son never missed a thing! He loved it! My daughter was a little scared of the witch though lol....and the noise! Gosh it was LOUD! Then after the show we had to race to my grandmothers to see her, then we went and got lunch at 2.30pm lol....and then raced around the shops (we don't have shops near by us at home here so we made the most of it) then I had to race back to my parents place, pack our bags, tried to get dad to print me some images as my printer isn't working and the shop we went too didn't stock our ink we needed! grrrrr..... and would you believe the images didn't come thru on my dad's printer yet some did (the ones I didn't need in a hurry of course!) Technology hey!

Then we drove home at 5.30pm and didn't get home til after 7pm and the kids were EXHAUSTED (to say the least!) is still in bed thank goodness, at least he gets a sleep in to re charge himself....and all I can say is I'm looking forward to nap time at lunch lol.......

I will post some cards tomorrow.....
Have a great sunday all


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