Friday, March 19

Birthday Card

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I went for something different with my card and didn't put Happy Birthday or anything like that - I wanted something I hadn't done before.

So here it is....

Challenges for this card I've entered into are Magnolia Down Under Challenge #37 
and Artful Inkables who both have a Birthday Theme.

Also just an update, we just received word that the tumor my sister had removed was cancerous but at this stage the cancer hasn't spread! I'm a mess and trying to calm down from all the stress but it's not happening lol.....need chocolate! And I'm joining weight watchers on wednesday and I'm so excited about this! You girls have really cheered me up and I look forward to making life long friends on here.

Thanks for stopping by.


Lisa said...

Love the blue paper and the red ribbon looks really good.Love the "wish "
sentiment is a nice touch.Love it !!

Sad to here about your sister.hopefully everything will be ok now that they have removed the tumor.
Hugs and best wishes

Sammi said...

oooh lovely! gorgeous paper and ribbon!

So sorry to hear about your sister but glad that it has not spread! Thinking of you and sending lots of (HUGS)


Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Kate,
Love your card but wanted to let you know you didn't link properly at MDUC. I tracked you down via my friend Sammi and have linked you properly. I figured you had enough stress atm without worrying about this. Let me know if you want me to tell you how to do it!
Sorry to hear about your sister - but glad it hasn't spread - that's a HUGE positive!
Thanx sooo much for playing along at MDUC on our special birthday bash weekend