Friday, March 12

Congrat- HULA- ations

Good Afternoon all!

It's friday here! YAY! And seeing as I'm still hooked on the Hula Leila (lol) I thought I'd do a congratulations card with a TWIST for my BBF who just got promoted. I'm so thrilled with my new found mojo and creative streak that's come to me out of NOWHERE! Hubby can't believe the change....well..I won't argue that one! hehe.

So here is my card...Congrat Hula Ations :)

That is actually a purple button and I've wanted to use it for so long. It's such an unusual shape and colour and I've finally had my card to use it :)

Have a great day


Sammi said...

Gorgeous card! Great colours and love the bling.. the button is strange for a button. hehe!
Your friend will LOVE this!

Jackie Thomas said...

this card is gorgeous. I adore the colours you have used and you have coloured her perfectly. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next. have a great day. xo Jackie