Friday, March 26

Card for MIL

Good Morning,

We had MIL's Birthday yesterday and I handed her a canvas I'd done of her dog and she loved it! Then hubby handed her the dutch card and we'd sneakily placed the ring we'd bought her on the front on tulip leaf. She started off all cherpy and singing the verse on the front, then started shaking when she spotted the ring and looked at us in shock, then my hubby said 'that's our present from us' and she was really shaking by now lol....she then carefully put the ring in her lap and opened the rest of the card, squealed when she seen the dutch girl inside and started CRYING when she noticed the happy birthday I'd done in dutch!!!! She then hugged my hubby sobbing hehehe, before coming to hug me and whisper 'thank you so much for your effort on my card, it's perfect and I can't believe you made it'!

Then my FIL told me how amazed he was that I would take the time to search the net for dutch words lol.....

SO, the card was a HUGE hit! :) And she never took that ring off all night lol.....


Sammi said...

YAY! I'm so glad that your present and that gorgeous card were so well received! That's lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
just letting you know their is an award for you on my blog to say thank you for following my blog.